Anyone here have ect treatment? How was your experience?

Hey just wondering if anyone here ever had ect treatments? My pdoc is possibly looking into it for me and just wanted to know what it’s like, and if it’s helpful?

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I’d also like to hear people’s opinion, especially if it treats negative symptoms…

What ect treatment

Electro-Convulsant Therapy.

I have had several and it does help some people it helped me I haven’t had to be hospitalized in a year and that’s a long time for me you do sometimes have headaches after but they do go away

Hey! So you have had it done? What is the procedure like? Is it scary? What is the experience like?

Count me as someone interested - I’ve read that it’s recommended as a first line treatment in several places for my condition (MDD with psychotic features). There’s something about it that always seemed like it would work for me.

Also, what state we’re you in before the treatment?

Yes me too! My psychiatrist said it is a possibility, I just wanted to look into it a bit and see if it actually works

Yes I have had it done and I live in Missouri it’s a little scary but they put you to sleep you wake with a headache and sometimes have one for a day or so but worth it

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