Anyone here have a mortgage to pay?

After how many years do you guys plan to pay the mortgage I am pushing for 7years pushing every cent into the mortgage.

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I have money saved up to buy a hoMe cash. It will be a $70,000 -$90,000 home. Probably around a thousand sq. Feet.

I’ve heard to qualify for a mortgage on ssdi the lender needs something from SS stating that your on long term disability. And I guess the SS office doesn’t just ‘hand’ those out.

Several (rental properties). Wish we could afford to pay off early, but that’s not happening.

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That will be cool to pay one cash and be debt free

I figure repairs and maintenance the homes I’m looking at will be around $300 a month. So it will still cost something… actually $300 a month is kind of a lot… but I don’t want to underestimate repairs and maintenance expense and end up in a pickle.

not really but kind of. im in a rent to own situation. the place will be mine in 11 or 12 years. im paying off the mortgage indirectly through rent.

My husband and I qualified for a mortgage on our Ssdi checks. We just used the original letters we got from Ssdi that said we were awarded long term disability and we’re totally and permanently disabled. Since we kept those original letters we didn’t need to get a new letter from Ssdi.

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I have two houses but I keep refinancing. I don’t think I will ever pay them off.


I plan to pay myne off by the time I retire. Housing is ridiculously expensive in the UK.

I only just recently got a mortgage. It’s for first time buyers. I bought the 50% of the house out right. I can own up to 80% of it. So I will invest more in it over time.

They do these schemes to help people get on the property market. I should be moving in in about two weeks…but the way the solicitors are moving who knows !!

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it took me 20 years to pay mine off. Seven years is pretty quick, good luck.

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I’m not going to pre-pay my mortgage because I have a 30-year fixed rate at 2.8%, and the house is appreciating at 6.5%.

I have 35 years on mine. I started with 39 years as it was the only way I could borrow the money.

I am not sure I can afford to reduce the years.

At the moment my mortgage is cheaper than rent would be and I need to keep it that way.

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