Anyone here have a complete lack of smell?

If x were the factor to which a person could start smelling something, 10x would be the factor for me.

I can smell things like food…cologne… close up; but most basic smells are lost to me.

I have chronic sinus problems, so my sense of smell is weak, too. Its very frustrating, especially when cooking!

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Just the opposite… hyper smell. Always bothered by small smells that feel huge…

Example… slightly burnt toast… to me it’s over powering… to others… it’s hardly a smell.

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Do you smoke, perhaps? Smoke kills smell, after I stopped smoking I could feel much more smells than before…


same as james, hyper smell. it’s a nightmare. the slightest things make me retch. soooo glad i don’t have to change nappies anymore!

@jaynebeal, @SurprisedJ , again, it’s a feature you share with my husband. It’s almost impossible for him to change nappies, because the smell makes him thow up. He has such a sensitive palate that we decided he should enroll in a cooking class. He is so happy about it… the network admin turned cook, he really loves the idea and works very hard to become a chef.