Anyone here always stays in bed 90% of the time?

Ok. Maybe not abilify then. But if you spend 90% of time in bed I’d say your current medication is a serious issue. So serious that you should try any other available AP(preferably 3rd generation) that you haven’t already tried before. You can’t settle for spending 90% of your time in bed, and most likely it must be the AP that is responsible.


Honestly I would rather stay in bed and have severe negative symptoms than dealing with the addictions Abilify caused while I was on it.

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aside from the news, it’s gettin to the point where family guy is the only thing i can watch, too. everything else i just can’t focus on it.

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i second that motion

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As 3rd gen APs, here we only have Abilify and Rexulti, Rexulti has the same warnings about causing addictions as Abilify on the FDA and Health Canada websites.

I want to try Vraylar but its not available here in Canada. Maybe I should move to the US.

Ask someone in your family to take you for a ride. It’s what me and my dad do. Even if it’s to tank gas. Or pick up a sandwich. It gets you out of the house.

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Speaking about that anti-phycotic my psychiatrist prescribed that to me today and I felt to tell her that these meds are temporary and that they can come off.

What do you mean?

I mean these are the condition I set off to my doc tor and that they need to take it eas y on the cap shooting