Anyone help me

i wanna stop watch porn
becoz i watch porn
voices wanna exploit this against me
they ask me to rape my sister
i wanna stop watching porn all
i dont want to hospitalized again
pls help anyone help me with tips ?

When unmedicated I had those thoughts about my cousin, luckily I don’t have a sister so less accessible. Idk why sz make some ppl commit rape and violence. I saw a sz show about those on Amazon Prime. I suggest you take Risperdal, it lowered my libido so much and removed those sexual thoughts. Tell your psychiatrist about Risperdal.

My experience with porn is that it’s a good way to torcher your soul. If you put bad things in your mind you’ll get bad things out.

My parents threatened me to call the cops and put me in the streets.

There was a nude guy who came to my room at night in mental hospital I was going to hit him but my roomate yelled at him and he went back to his room. There was also another guy who walked nude in the morning but security guards stopped him.

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