Anyone heard of Dave Ramsey?

He is a financial advisor and he wrote several books and workbooks on personal financial management and planning. I am reading his workbook called: “The Financial Peace Planner: A Step by Step Guide to Restoring Your Family’s Financial Health”.

I decided to get this workbook because I have heard a lot of good things about him from people. I’m not in any financial trouble or anything like that. But, one thing I don’t have is a budget and this workbook helps you to devise a budget.

I hope I learn a lot from reading and working this book.

his radio show comes on the air here at 6pm or 7pm. my sister bought one of his books after college. she had student loan debt, I think that’s why she bought it.

The only problem I find with his system is that it takes income to make the debt really go away.
If I find a job, I’m going to follow his plan to pay off credit cards and hopefully save for a better car.
My brother gave me a subscription to his website.

Yes, I’ve heard of Ramsey and his books.

I’m a little skeptical and cynical of people who claim to help you get out of debt, while in the process buying more of their books, videos, coffee mugs, etc. etc.

I think he probably means well though.

:v: - Monte


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