Anyone having beers?

anyone having beers? :beer: :beer:

It’s 1:45 and I’m having rum with 7up. Needless to say I’m not doing very well. :unamused:
how many beers did you have?

i dnt drink spirits, ive had 6 pints of beer now, another 6 to go

I’m having a few brewskies as we speak…

Just finished my shift and looking forward to the loooong weekend!


i went to hospital grounds today, part of my history

which beer do you like the most? Enjoy the weekend! doing anything special?

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yeah I read you like to drive there. enjoy your weekend. 12 beers seems like a lot. Usually I just have one but I can drink a lot of martinis and glasses of wine :cocktail: :wine_glass: :beer:

how many % alcohol is there in this beer?

I like Becks. It’s a German beer…

Nothing big planned for this weekend. I have to save up just to be broke these days! lol!

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cool. I’m gonna try it. I liked corona and stella the most out of the beers i tried. I like blonde beers.
I haven’t been making a lot of money either, spending my savings away but I’m gonna check the disability when I get back from vacation and decide whether I should get a full time job or just live like a celebrity :cocktail: lol

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@pedro27 , you said you drink a lot everyday if I remember. Probably not good for you.

i drink budweiser which is 4.3 % here

i dont drink every day…maybe two to three times a week

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oh it’s nothing then. as long as it doesn’t interfere with your mood or meds. I used to drink a beer called Efes, I used to get drunk from just one beer.

i drink because of the truama ive been through, i dont like how soceity works

I’m sorry, you’re just in your thirties! you have your whole life ahead of you. I hope you feel better. do you mind telling me what happened to you as in trauma? I remember you said you were stabbed?

my trauma was psychosis in 2000 i never got over it, it was like god the devil and human race was against me

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ive a 12 inch scar on my neck and a stab wound on me back, about 10 other small scars

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im getting high as a kite now