Anyone having a miserable Dec 31st right now?

Thanks screwercs, tommorrow is as good as day as any to turn start turning it all around.

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Edam is better.

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At least I got diagnosed which later led to a brain scan and more info. Now I have meds available and a doctor to talk to.

Thank you. 2020 I’m going in with the idea that I can be wrong about everything and have to handle this brain.


I’ve never had edam cheese but hope it’s dam good.

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Nyet, tovarisch. Applewood smoked cheddar on a good cracker with a thin slice of gala apple on top is the pinnacle of cheese achievement. Also, I found some in the fridge.



I like “Enter your favorite cheese here”, with a dab of brown mustard and some good cured meat, on a cracker. I’ll have to try the apple idea – never tried that before :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Meh. No drinks or people over - just walked to the dollar store and got some Tupperware … Debated on having a drink however I don’t get paid again till tomorrow (not that I should be drinking anyways) - I watched a movie to escape a couple of hours … I just want to get to Thursday so I can go to PSR …

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Best cheese snack is Gouda and jam on bread

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