Anyone have tiny rats eating their brain?

I forgot how I got them out but they were there. I’m sure that’s how the brain damage happens

It looks like lion. Yes I was hallucinated.

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At last I became very scared of intrusives ,than I chewed them by teeth and after it finalized when I saluted the preside… Loin face appeared. I was driving my motorcycle.

For me it feels like bugs eating away at my brain. I can feel my brain a lot doing things it shouldn’t and it’s quite unsettling. I think I don’t have any delusions/hallucinations about rats because I have three wonderful pet rats and they are the sweetest. Really the stereotypes aren’t true about them, mine are lovely and gentle.

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I imagine it as an inflammation, sometimes a single spot in my head hurts like its inflamed

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Yes, but I built a tiny cage for them in my enlarged ventricles, so now they just read my thoughts and control my movements.


I think one day I will get a rat pet too. They are so cute!

My friend has one and she takes pictures with him, they are adorable!

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I had bugs eating my brain. bugs literally and metaphorically