Anyone Have SZ Long Before You Realized It?

i had schizophrenia about graduation from highschool.i used to smoke pot everyday by myself.looking back,i think i had depersonalization disorder and then admitted to myself i had sz.scary,overwellming.

I was given psychosis NOS by my therapist right when I entered the active phase of schizophrenia right when I turned 19, didnt believe him because I was psychotic (DUH) but I didnt really realize that I was schizophrenic until 9 months later, when I took a formal evaluation and was taking physiological psychology, then it really hit me hard. I was a little depressed because I equated schizophrenia to a death sentence, but I told myself that I had balls and I would live regardless. I finished the year with a 3.5, but was a raging alcoholic. Over the summer, I quit drinking and began the trial and error process of medication. By the fall, I found the perfect meds regiment and have been in remission since, and I got more consistent with weightlifting and am now into powerlifting, and for a noob I’m not bad.

But all that aside, I basically had schizotypal personality disorder since I began puberty. I recall delusions since age 11. I also had a plethora of disorders in my teenage years (depression, OCD, Anorexia Nervosa, obsessive compulsive personality disorder) and then finally I began to have schizophrenic symptoms at about 18 1/2, and by age 19 I was speaking about delusions and complaining about people following me and bugging my bedroom with recording devices, ect. People in public were always talking about me, I perceived. I also heard voices, but the voices really became a 24/7 thing when I was 19 1/2.

I have always had SZ and bipolar even as a kid. My thoughts were abstract, I did not trust easily and had some paranoia, night terrors, fears, moods were everywhere - depression, euphoria. It came out fully after my drug use I feel

Started when I was 10, started to realize it by my late teens when it got worse, finally got diagnosed when I was 25. I had social and learning problems as far back as I can remember.

I don’t know it was sz but I withdrew from people while young but didn’t start hearing voices until 2009. My dad was diagnosed two years ago, with sz and manic depression so he suffered from problems with his whole family not knowing.

whatever was said or written about the events that precede the appearance of sz mother case
-the explicit sz,actual crisis,the official suffering is establish after the first seconds of embodying
the existentialism features of the psychological entities that call -hallucinations- within the place-time
of the consciousness condition of the human being
-the real onset of sz mother case is following the explicit vision of imaginary people and beginning of
the LINGUISTIC BILATERAL DIALOGUE between the mind of individual and the hallucination entities
-you can not use the medical intervention before the appearance of the hallucination entities within the consciousness condition of the individual
-the sz mother case or the real causative factor is the source that produces voices and prints the vibrant moved pictures of people in imagination and fabricating bilateral dialogue with mind
=WHATEVER a degree of abnormality in the behaviors of the human being before the existence of hallucinations,they are not the sz mother case !
=sz is occurs after the occurrence of self-consciousness NOT BEFORE
-sz is occurs after the occurrence of learning phenomenon,and after the perception of things of world and express about them in words,and after formation of self-knowledge ,and after formation of audible/visual memories,and after formation an ideas about oneself and the world
-sz is included a radical changes in the religious beliefs,cultural believes and social mores
and that can not occur under age 5 !
=the schizophrenia case is not the changes details in the behaviors of the individuals,but it is the SOURCE that make up the changes in thinking and in turn it led to other changes in the behavioral mores

I remember in school taking an abnormal psychology course and thinking that I had the symptoms of some of the disorders, but I never considered sz was me. Years later my symptoms got worse and worse and I ended up diagnosed sz in my mid 20s. By that time, I had been full blown sz for several years without knowing it. I was/am still in denial to some degree that it’s sz, since my delusions often convince me that they are real.

-the emission of hallucinational entities within the place-time of own self is the onset of sz,which led to all aspects of thought and behavior disorder
-it is illogical to classified any abnormal behavior as a symptoms of sz before the existence of the hallucinational entities within the consciousness condition of any person
= in nature,there is no schizophrenia without the occurrence of hallucinations
-the hallucinational entities are the nerve motive for all aspects of disorder in thought and behavior
-the moment of voices emission in the internal psychological world of the human being
is the onset of sz case
-the main idea,the things that so-called hallucinations is the mother case of the case so-called schizophrenia
-the schizophrenia and hallucination are different names,but in reality they are one thing in nature,while all aspects of disorder in thought and behavior are the merely results of hallucination activities within the psychic-mind functions of the human being
-THE MOMENT OF HEARING THE VOICES are the onset of schizophrenia,regardless the
existence or absence of any abnormal symptoms ,delusion,false beliefs…etc
-without the occurrence of voices,there is no any schizophrenia or any symptoms of sz

Sorry haven’t been on in a while. Just read all the replies. It’s definitely interesting how many years it takes to figure out a lot of us were SZ.

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with all respect to all replies,we ask you very simple questions:
1-if the symptoms of schizophrenia are exist before the existence of schizophrenia itself ?
2-whatever the symptoms of schizophrenia
if the Sz condition in itself is the sums of the symptoms ?
3-does the symptoms of sz causing the sz condition itself ?
4-what is different between the schizophrenia condition AND the symptoms of schizophrenia ?

I have heard voices before starting to go to school at age 5 as well, like J here, but it didn’t fully blown until I reached 10 years old, and I didn’t realize what was going on with me until I got to the age of 12…my parents never sensed anything wrong about me and refused to believe me that I have sz and refused to take me to a psychiatrist, yet they did believed me now in my 28th, especially when I had a relapse.

I started feeling fragile minded in the pressures of putting myself through architecture school studios(1984-90), then paranoia started creeping in around 1991 and slowly got worse until my full blown psychosis in 1997.

I had a similar pattern, right down to the messy breakup. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear that. Break ups can be a real beast on my mind. It took me a few years to fully get over mine. And even longer until I was ready to date again.

I hope you’ve healed from yours too!



I have healed from it. (It feels good to say it)

Thank you.

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I was a little introverted in my childhood, but no, I did not have SZ long before my break from reality.

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I’m not that old, but even when I was a youth, I don’t think doctors wanted to diagnose children right off as Sz. The doc’s I had tried ADD, ADHD, bipolar, and on and on with a host of other labels.

I knew I was different and I knew I wasn’t thinking like everyone else. The weird stuff always seemed to happen to me. But I didn’t know what my label was.

looking back… wow 10, 11 and 12 was just one long wild ride. My parents knew there was something wrong with me, and tried everything they could to make sense of it. Nothing quite fit until 17 when I really went out of my head.

I was sick as a kid, but I didn’t know it. Life was just life to me, I had nothing else to compare it to.

I first found my diagnosis by sneaking a glance at my chart while standing at a nurse’s station as a kid. I asked what paranoid schizophrenia (my first diagnosis) meant, to me it was Greek. I didn’t think much about it back then. I didn’t understand it and didn’t really care. I was too busy being ill for any sort of look at myself.

It wasn’t till years later that I really looked into it and not until I was like 30 that I began to accept it.

I think that the person who had schizophrenia can recover from its symptoms, but I think that the pharmaceutical industry wants it to be a chronic disease so the patients would be dependent on the medication for all of their life span. I had a relapse about 4 months ago, and now I have been normal for about a month, in simple words; I’m recovered.
And yes, auditory hallucinations are consistent with schizophrenia at least in the worst stages of the illness. And no I don’t think that you can hear voices at 5 months old, you don’t have the capability to either remember the indecent or your brain to interpret a linguistic conversation.

I agree. My first stay in a mental ward was in middle school. They seemed perplexed by some things I said but ended up just diagnosing me with depression.

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