Anyone have severe negative symptoms yet do something productive?

Like volunteering? Or anything? I have been bed-ridden for a long time, tired of it.


I sleep a lot and never clean. My apt is a mess, I’m a mess, but I used to volunteer for over a year and I read. I’m happy

Coffee gets me going in the mornings. However, I have to measure it carefully. Too much coffee messes me up.


I yanked out piles of weeds today until I sliced my thumb on my pruning shears. Bleeding has stopped so I’ll probably go out again soon.

I’m full of negative symptoms. I consider it an accomplishment when I brush my teeth.

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I have severe lack of energy and motivation yet I’ve been studying hours and hours for my HiSet exams.


ive done laundry 3 times in the past year… i wear what doesnt have stains and nobody has noticed… i will do some soon.

i retract from close relationships. my best friends are a woman about 20 years older than me back east who i talk to most every night(shes sz too) and my mom is a great friend too… i try to find others my age to socialize and have close friendships but to no avail… except maybe facebook but thats kinda its own negative contact.

i do volunteer tho. i give a free guitar class at the mh center once a week and i bring an open mic there once a month.


proud of you :blush:


I try to do a load of laundry a day. Which means getting it into the washer, then the dryer. Actually removing it, folding it, and putting it away is beyond the scope of my abilities most days, lol. But it’s clean! It’s in there!

Today I cleaned part of a bedroom, but got very frustrated and gave up after working on it for an hour or so.

There’s so much I want to do… or want to want to do, lol…


That’s what I figure too!

Some days making coffee is a struggle.
But if I have a good end goal I’ll get stuff done. And a forced schedule

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I try to do one productive thing a day no matter how small. They all add up eventually.

Being bedridden is a big deal though. I’m certainly not in that situation. What meds are you on?

I’m on zyprexa only @everhopeful . Why did u stop volunteering @turningthepage ?

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I got treated very poorly in multiple ways.

There were a lot of politics involved but the clincher was the vulture laid an egg…and they went in and stole the egg from it cuz they didn’t want the vulture giving birth…then literally TEN minutes later they told me to go into the vulture cage and clean it. The vulture followed me around pecking at my legs cuz she was angry they just stole her egg. After that I was like “I’m out”

Wow, lol, way to do the right thing @everhopeful.

It seems like people who responded struggle with ADLs (activities of daily living). I was more curious besides ADLs anything productive? And if u have a significant other pls share, everyone.

I’m married, so yeah, s.o. is here as well. B struggles with issues as well though so we’re sometimes on the same motivational level.

It’s rare that I attempt anything productive beyond keeping up with daily life. I occasionally do some artsy stuff, some writing, that sort of thing, but it’s like once a month, tops.

I am still very depressed about my step dad passing away last week but I quit smoking and today I learned “put your lights on” by everlast. on the guitar. made me feel good.


Whoops! I meant way to do the right thing @turningthepage***

I’m married, and my wife is the only thing that keeps me doing anything productive. I still work but without her I don’t think I could, and I know I wouldn’t be able to do all the things around the house that she does. Also without her my weekly shower would probably be more like monthly. She pushes me to remain functional.


I used to clean my room everyday when i had a boyfriend who was motivating me. Now i dont really have any motivation to do it so i spend no time in there. I shower plenty but never brush my teeth.