Anyone have self injuring tendency? is this an illegal subject?

I can’t help feeling that my staying up all night is like self harming. It is not good for you at all.
ditto sedentary lifestyle.
When i smoked i was self injuring for certain… consciously
not asking for a lot of detailed feedback about methods.

Sigh, I do it too. I regularly go to work a 7 1/2 shift at my job on 4 or 5 hours of sleep. And I’m 53. Not smart.

I was just about to swear onto running again, to try to get up to 5 miles by summer…
Now, it’s 01.47 and if i don’t get to sleep by about 4 (which also happens) this new health kick is out of the window for a few days.
Worried about my health and at the same time googling health problems in the middle of the night with a real masochistic drive behind staying up every time

Yeah anyway,

Some people say that if you have a sleeping problem like being awake till 7-8am in the morning not begin able to get to sleep etc, it’s time to speak to your doctor/pdoc about a short course of sleeping pills.

Personally I just manage to sort it out in the end, but was on them when I first became ill and again in hospital as I only slept 4hrs a night.

There are various sites like this one below that do a couch to 5k programme, not quite a 5 miler, but it is doable!

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At the time of my diagnosis and evaluation, I was told that my behaviors were just as harmful and self destructive as cutting myself with a razor. He said that people who cut themselves are called sergeants by doctors. I was not eating enough, working out too much like a professional fighter, and also drinking and smoking on a seriously not okay level.

Most of the above at one time or another. Though I hadn’t thought about it.