Anyone have or have had Anorexia as well as Schizophrenia?

Just want to talk to someone in recovery

My sister has these
as well as alcoholism

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i find anorexia to be a very sad disease…how is it possible that a person could be skin and bone and still feel the need to starve themselves…i saw a youtuber (eugenia cooney) who has anorexia and she is skin and bone , very sad…trust me as a man skin and bone is very unattractive …i dont know how they keep doing this to themselves


I’ve never seen her so thin, but she is not near to a skeleton
I’ve seen that and it’s horrible and I hope she decides not to do this to that extent
However extreme it is now though - she water fasts and then binge and purges
Our mum, her carer, is desperate seeing all the food she buys end up in the toilet mum is not well with all the care

There is so much suffering for her… she wants to die


Someone who binges and then purges (vomits) in the toilet, is not anorexic anymore but bulimic. I was bulimic for 8 years from my mid teens to my early 20’s and it was pure Hell the whole time.

And bulimics generally aren’t skin and bone thin like anorexics are.

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It’s anorexia when the person is underweight

I had severe eating problems when I developed psychosis. I was 7 stone 2, which for my height was awful

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On paper, bulimia and anorexia are similar
Anorexic tendencies like an extreme perfectionism are probably quite specific to anorexia
She was non purging anorexic in her teens.
anorexia is harder to treat and more dangerous because the person is underweight
Anorexia has the worst survival rate of any mental illness

She has only recently become underweight again
Her illness has only been activated again from her Recently- with an attempt of a not smoking or drinking phase which has only been a few months
She is underweight

I was bulimic in my teens and when psychotic I tried to lose weight purging with food and needed to be on injectables because of that reason

Sorry to split hairs
Bulimia becomes anorexia when the person is underweight
There are 2 distinctions of anorexia, purging or non purging

It seems so awful to watch
I’m angry with her through the grieving process I think

But it is just unbearable to see someone going through it

I was brainwashed by my studies at uni on calorie restriction and health span extension so I experimented on myself. Went to an extreme. Was 35 kg at was crazzzzzy. But didn’t yet have psychosis though

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I had anorexia, which I think kickstarted my illness. I lost 100 pounds in six months because I starved myself and did extreme cardio.

There was a brief period that I had both schizophrenia and anorexia, but that quickly went away with antipsychotics. Antipsychotics made me so hungry that I couldn’t resist food.


I´m not a doctor but olanzapine made me gain weight. Quickly.

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That is an incredible thing to come back from such a low weight
I hope you stay well,

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When I was a teen I had anorexia. I can’t remember when and why I began eating again. Pretty sure 8t was when I got pregnant with my first kid at 18. I remember being so hungry and just starting to eat because I wanted the baby to be healthy.

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Antipsychotics are the only way apart from anything else.

Thank you for sharing you and others

I have answers back all over like she is non compliant and sees her med free life and suicide plans as a life choice

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When I was 22 I stopped eating everything except for Cous Cous with tuna and frozen diced veg. I was also cycling all the time.

By time I got to hospital I was very thin.

I guess it was kinda a sick joke that putting me on 20mg of Olanzapine would kill two birds with one stone.

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Thankyou Three. Yea I don’t want to go back to that weight ever. Balance is key.

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Yea the specific rules like that are anorexic tools, aren’t they?

Has Olanzapine been a cure-all?

If she’s taking an antipsychotic then she’ll gain weight. I was a stick before meds. Maybe she’s not taking them or she’s still drinking. You might want to keep her in some kind of supervision.

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This was some years ago.

I went from 59 kilos to 94 kilos over two years.

Main reason nothing was done about it was that I refused community support two weeks after being let out of hospital post-diagnosis of paranoid Schizophrenia

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Can tell you we have been trying for 7 years since her late onset

She is non compliant and drinks and uses drugs and lives 100% isolated other than living with our mum x
Doesn’t want help