Anyone have luck with section 8 housing?

Im wondering if anyone had luck with this? My roommate talks to me like im a piece of ■■■■ so id like to move. Its not good for my depression. Everytime i call the section 8 number the waiting list is closed? Any tips on getting housing?

I have Section 8 Housing. It works well for me.

I could get on a waiting list at any one of the hundreds of Housing Authorites in Massachusetts or thousands across the country. I could get on any number of them I liked. But they were never open!

Finally I employed the local Organization for the Rights of the Disabled. They kept a watchout for me, and eventually I got on about five waiting lists.

It took a few years, but I came to the top at a place about 45 miles from here. I would have to show up there once a year to recertify, but I have established a relationship with the fellow who does my paperwork, and lately we do it through the mail.



I live in low income disability housing. There are a few programs in my county … Perhaps look into "low income housing " in your area. An internet search could open up to charitable housing programs

I think they discontinued the section 8 program. They let the people who’ve been on it in the past stay on it, but they won’t allow any new members. You might check into public housing. Some of those places are pretty nice.