Anyone have history of loved one’s worrying about something you are passionate about? Or also anyone do Ashtanga Yoga?

The reason I need feedback is the way that my mum and husband talk to me
My mum has just called my chosen style of yoga ugly!!!
I took that very hard but she said it’s just do unrelateable to her
And that they will have to give me a big talk in a couple of weeks time.,. After I’ve spent lots of money and booked lots of courses and how it always goes for me
And that she knows me and since she first saw me do yoga
And she has reason
I fixated on the physical and on my teacher and when I spent over a year in hospital I treated the hospitals like ashrams

Mum is quite concerned and so is my husband who has seen me go slightly funny once or twice
A form of yoga I took one lesson of, years after my best practice
and it blew a hole in the top of my head and opened me up to the subtle body.

I have since then taken classes where I’ve had subtle shifts and it’s basically because I’m now adopted Hindu without the devotional practices because they freak my family out

And I have No one to talk to about this

To be fair I did injure myself once quite badly once
And twisted my hair and turned into a bit of a monster
I used to also live with my mum at times and i was drained from the drive back and not allowing myself enough shivssana
All I do with this class is roll out of bed and prepare

Help please!!

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I don’t know anything about that type of yoga, but it’s good to find coping mechanisms for stress that are helpful. Can you do squared breathing when you aren’t able to do yoga?

I don’t know if you live in the US, but if you do, freedom of religion is paramount to your own personal life. Life life how it best helps you

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Thank you.
I think to her it’s like my middle sisters half her life with palm readers and spiritualists and past life memories freaked her for life
As well as my behaviour

Good to hear what you said about freedom of religion being paramount

To me it’s just over concern and I am currently friendless outside my family

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Can you try They are having virtual meetings right now that you can sign into from your own home.

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It’s sounds like you’re obsessing. Your loved ones are concerned because you’re spending a lot of money and have a history of becoming mentally unstable in these situations. It sounds like those concerns are valid.

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Yea also will do breathing square.
Thank you
And I think it’s making more sense than ever
I’ve been meditating regularly for a month or so

My mum is fatigued looking after my youngest sister for 8 years
No idea how much she panicks
I’m in uk

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My bad grammar there
I do normally do that
What I meant to say is that I’m taking it a day at a time
I book one lesson at a time early evening for the next morning

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Thank you
I don’t know that site

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