Anyone have had any experience or knows what happens if you intensionally stop going for your monthly depot shot?

Does the police and ambulance show up at your home? What if your pdoc finds out you didn’t get the shot?

No they will not show up, unless you call them. :carrot::carrot::carrot:

If you’ve been told to take the shot, it’s probably with good reason.
You need it. Take it and get better


I take Risperdal Consta injections every two weeks. My former pdoc, who all the staff at the VA hospital used to practically worship, told me that my Risperdal shots were my “most important med”. So, my present pdoc listens to him and keeps me on Risperdal shots. I don’t argue too much about it.

You ll never notice any change with meds
Only In 2 cases you ll notice stuff
1st case
if you stop meds voices will begin to harshly control you
Or you continue to take it for very long time
hh, you ll notic improvement and you r alot better improvements will add up to a huge improvements

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I’m on the pills and i take them, I used to be on the depot shot.

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