Anyone have a true life sibling story?

i am writing a radio play. I have all the marrow but not really the bones.

I have a lot of (OFF)
or low voice for one character, explaining her feelings. But that is about it
it is the story of two sisters who have lost a sister to suicide and one of the remaining sisters has cancer.

I have a couple of scenes of them in a pub and the beginning of a scene in one sister’s flat.

wondering if anyone has a quick story line to throw in there - it can be anything

“my sister stole my identity” is one example of an idea,
but not a great one.
It can be simple, but there has to be conflict in drama and i’ve been at a loss about this one for several weeks.

partly because cancer isn’t really a story. you get it and you die or you get it and you don’t die. that’s about it.

Shall i post the story so far? it’s a bit rubbish, but it adds up to a few pages.

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My sis was for a while dating a guy from my Sz support group and this guy was/ is a complete jerk. It’s not his illness… he fancies himself a ladies man so he cheats on my sis again… and then always comes crawling back to my sis.

He’s a drug user and I really dislike this guy. There have been a lot of fights between my sis and I when this toxic guy is around.

Usually life between my sis and I is pretty peaceful. We get along really well. But it’s hard now that she’s 18, growing up and I can’t protect her like I used to. I admit, it’s been a bit hard with her trying to break away and me trying to keep her safe.

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Thanks SurprisedJ

That sounds like a real mess. I hope she gets away from this guy soon.

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He just got out of hospital recently so he’s back. He’s been saying that while in hospital God taught him how to heal broken bones and all illness with psychic powers and laying on of hands.

My sis gets it… he’s in rough shape and not someone to resume a relationship with. But she has said she’ll try and be his friend. I personally think his time darkening our door is over.

It’s time for him to talk to a real therapist instead of crying on my sister’s shoulder and then getting mad at her because he doesn’t like her answers… because she’s an 18 year old student… not a professional licensed therapist. :angry:

Thank you for your kind wishes… I’m hopeful.


Good that he’s not factoring in as much as before.

Don’t know where i’m going with this story

i think i might just see how it works with the true story of my sister’s friend who had a fast growing cyst, undiagnosed for months, ridiculously and it was benign.

kind of a sad and happy ending because now she can’t have kids.

It’s how you tell it isn’t it.

cliche’s even work if you tell it right


Maybe a motorcycle accident caused by the douchebag man and sister goes to hospital or passes??

That’s a good twist.

Yeah guys on motorcycles like crotch rocket around 24 years old and he spills her off doing a wheelie and she gets hurt! (men are pigs go oxygen and lifetime stuff right?)…so he shows up at like the hospital or funeral and starts up drama. Crashing a funeral is something that people would get so hot over…after that say he ends up running from home and disappears, right? Like joins the navy or something then comes back AGAIN.

The never leaving douchebag…

I had one of those boyfriends once…

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EXACTLY! This is to target (that guy) that every woman has had to deal with. Say he’s controlling too, like treats her like a girl and says that she’s acting (unacceptable) and he’s totally head in the clouds on living. Pretty much a straight up fool. Then the women have to unite and eventually force him out…that’s where it gets really dramatic. Maybe they booby trap his motorcycle, maybe he tries to turn his leaf over when he arrives home after the horrible accident…

Although my husband, a VERY GOOD MAN, is a motorcycle enthusiast, so I hate to dump on motorcycle riders! (But maybe if it is a crotch rocket it is okay, lol.)
My disaster story turned out to be a real loser, a crack user, only briefly clean because he had been broke. Drove a car that turned out to be borrowed, that he ended up selling out from under his friend. Beat up my little dog. Probably in jail or dead now.

Well I have a Harley sportster, so I’m not saying all motorcycle guys stink cause I’m one too.

Not one, but TWO Goldwings in the man-garage, and also a Yamaha V-Max. Yes, my husband loves his toys!

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I have a little 883 sporty Harley…don’t ride like I used to. I bought my first Harley when I was 20 from the money I made on my deployment in Afghanistan…I was loving life!

That reminds me of a time my youngest brother thought he was dying due to something benign. He was making his will and telling us his last wishes only to find out that he was perfectly healthy. It was frustrating for a while. He was always saying things had to be done ASAP before he died. (He was 11 at the time)

It got very dramatic and silly and there was some humor in it when all was said and done.


I’ve been like that for periods of time!