Anyone have a close alcoholic family member?


@CloudDog- I’m sorry your family is being torn apart like this. This is a hard one to deal with. Alcoholism is just as hard to cope with as Sz. It’s so insidious… starts slow… and before anyone really takes notice… it’s crisis mode.

Alcoholism runs in our family. My Grandfather on my Dad’s side was a heavy non-stop drinker, and sadly, all the men in this family are angry monster drunks, not happy lovey ones.

It’s very striking because my Dad and my Uncles are very mellow, patient, pretty upbeat guys. But then when they drink… wham… mean… insulting… ready for a fight. Sad to say, I’m the same when it comes to drinking.

My Grandfather was a very hard man to get to know and hang out with. I also have one Uncle who still drinks to survive his day. He’s getting worse and more resentful about any family that tries to get him help.

My Dad was slipping down that slope as well. But my Mom got him to realize he needed help. My brothers have battled with it and so did I. 6 years sober. I don’t miss it at all.

I hope your sister will get help soon.


My father is an alcoholic.

(he does drugs now too).


I grew up with an alcoholic mother. Violent and abusive. Really unpredictable. I left home at 14. Started drinking and drugs. First hospitalized at 18. Given Navane but never told what it was for. Stopped taking it. Went to AA. Met my first husband. Quit going to AA. Spent 25 years in an abusive, alcholic marriage. Got away from him with a lot of help from my dr and therapist. Started attending AA again. I met the most wonderful man. He was a recovering alcoholic also. He told me about his abusive past while he was drinking and drugging. I never knew that side of him. He was the most gentle, compassionate person I’ve ever known. We had a great life together. He died 5 months ago. Even though he is not physically here, I know he is not gone. I continue with AA. I don’t ever want to go back to the abuse and chaos of my former life.


yes on my dad side there is addiction and mental illness. my dad really tries not to drink but he still does hes in denial about it but still goes to AA.
I am an alcoholic too my other sisters are not I also at one point got addicted to drugs at serveral times in my life. it took me homeless at one point but there was something in me that didn’t want that life.
so little by little I stopped.


My father is an alcoholic. Last month I decided I was done with him. He needs AA and a psychiatrist, until he does those two things, I will never be able to handle speaking with him.


I think my family has quite a high loading for drink problems. My brother has admitted he used to drink like my mum . My sister, who was the most outspoken about my mum’s drinking, is fond of more than a drink ot two . I for the most part don’t drink, but on more than one occasion have downed a lot of alcohol quickly in order to escape negative emotions. It’s resulted in my being sick and crashing out.


my dad was an abusive drunk…he would try and lift me off the floor by my hair…etc etc…the scars are still with me…my aunt is also an alcoholic…she comes for a visit and just automatically brings her own bottle…i hate alcohol…and.drunks


Some information and stats on alcoholism.


A recovered one yeah