Anyone have a close alcoholic family member?


my sister is alcoholic, she often shouts that she blames me, or that i have been a crap sister
She is very difficult to get along with and we end up shouting at each other all the time


My husband drinks a lot of beer. He gets sentimental. Not angry or violent. I think that’s his way to cope my illness. He did not drink before I got ill


He can’t be seriously blaming it on you …
i know i said that about my sister, but this guy is a grown adult…

They need help - they are not willing to get help


One brother, a my grandmother.
My grandmother was nothing but good for me, but my brother became physically abusive when he drank, not to mention just a @55hole after a few drinks.
He used to blame me along with everyone he could for his problems (which were many), but it wasn’t hard to see that he was his own problem, not me.
I got him a T-shirt for xmas one year that said
“instant @55hole, just add alcohol”

Blaming others is a way to avoid the responsibility of solving a problem.


Alcoholism is classified as a disease, the same as SZ. Nobody changes until the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.


One more thing that adds to his drinking is that his best friend passed away little over one year ago. Heart attack. But atleast he is out walking about one hour every day. Getting exercise first and then drinking in the evening. But He is an sdult and has to take responsibility for his actions. I’m not capable of nor want to be his mom. I don’t say anything about the drinking as long as he keeps it on a somewhat okay ammount. Not drunk in the morning.


That made me laugh that bit about the t shirt
Sounds like you have it in the right boxes in your mind - better than me…


Bless you comatose,
alcoholism is progressive - prayers


Though never officially diagnosed my mother had a serious problem with alcohol. It didn’t effect her seriously in a physical sense till her mid-late 60s.
Rather than seek help she used to say she 'drank because of ’ my illness/my sister’s abortion/my father/my brother’s illness etc .
Her behaviour had a profound psychological effect especially on my brother and I ,and to a lesser extent my sister who avoided her more when grown up.


Sorry fire monkey - that is very difficult when it is a parent I would imagine


My dad was an abusive alcoholic, I never spoke a word to him after I turned 18 yrs old, I will never forget the drunken rages, ect. The things he did scarred me mentally forever. I becameven an emancipated minor and moved out when I was 16 yrs old, dropped out of his school, got a job and continuedo to take care of myself like I was used to. United fortunately I had my first breakdown a week before my 18th birthday, he came to seye me in the hospital, drunk as always, and I sat across from him and neither of us said 2 words. After 5 minutes I simply got up and walked away and that was the last time I saw him, I am 44 now. He paved away last year from zeros is sorry I do not know how to spell it, lol. Of the liver. His drinking damaged so many lives, I believe he was only 64 when he passed.


Just a quick not, ìwas apologize for all my typing errors, I justhink got this tablet less than a week ago and it is touch screen so it is very sensitive and I notice all my errors when it is ton late to fix them!


Sorry Kittycat
my father was abusive too but not alcoholic he was workaholic and pedophile sadist sexaholic…


Myself. I’m a stone cold alcoholic. One thing, when they gave me the shot of Haldol decoate it totally changed my body chemistry in regard to alcohol. Before I got that shot I would drink 30-35 beers in a day and go for five or six days and then have a serious hangover. The Haldol decoate shot cut the amount I can drink by well over half. Now, the most I can drink is 10-13 beers. I’m not nearly as likely to go into a blackout and do crazy things when I drink. They took me off the Haldol shot a long time ago, but the effect on my drinking remained. Haldol pills didn’t do that to me. It was the Haldol decoate shot.


I’ve never married or had a family, so it is not like I damaged my children because of my drinking. There have been so many times when I have been on the verge of catastrophe, though. I somehow lucked my way out of it.


My Dad was an alcoholic. He didn’t sober up. If only he was reared with an open mind to therapy, he might have done the AA thing.


I had an in law that passed away because she was such a critical alcoholic. sad stuff, alcoholism or any addiction for that matter.


My sister has become an alcoholic during the last years of my mother’s life while fighting chronic granluetytic leukemia. she drank so much she lost her 20 year job with the fire department and still drinks almost every day and hasn’t worked in five. Now she drinks because she takes care of my dad who has Alzheimer’s.


I can’t imagine losing my parents yet Saphire…

You must be going through a lot of pain


I don’t know how my mum is expected to live like this…
It is rare that my sister is away from living with her for a day.

my mum is 72, and really is getting too old for all this, she’s exhausted and it is affecting her life so much
all she gets from my sister is how crap she is

I think i will do the extreme tough love thing and not be there for Christmas
we’re a close family - that hasn’t happened apart from one year in France with my bf.