Anyone have 2020 iPhone SE?

My iPhone 7 battery only lasts a few hours if I stream music. I’m thinking of getting an SE. Anyone have one?

I purchased an iPhone SE 2020 256GB. Instead of the A10 Soc in the iPhone 7, the iPhone SE 2020 has the A13 SoC.

Thanks @yinyang Do you run out of power nearly every day if you don’t charge it?

@Gollum I usually keep the iPhone SE 2020 plugged in at all times to the wall charger whether it be overnight or not being used at home. However, when I am out and about the iPhone SE 2020 is not being charged. Battery Health is currently at 92% and I purchased it last April when it was first released. Keeping the SE 2020 plugged in at all times really prolonged the battery health.

I thought you’re meant to do the opposite and let devices run down to near flat and then charge them to near full again to prolong battery health. But that’s good that it’s health has only dropped 8% on your phone. I like iPhone but so expensive and I don’t really need bigger than SE.

se’s are a good deal if you dont mind a smaller screen, the 2020 se is similar to the iphone 11 but for almost half the price and more plans available

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What you are describing is the memory effect in certain batteries. I do not believe this older technology applies to batteries in current smartphones. The weakest component in iPhones if not all smartphones is the battery health. Second to degrade is secondary memory storage which is also known as storage capacity. I would rather have the circuitry of the SE 2020 use the power from a wall outlet rather than the battery as so to keep the battery health as prolonged as possible. Storage capacity is at 46.9GB out of 256GB. I plan to keep the SE 2020 for at least 5 years.

I didn’t know that about new batteries @yinyang so thanks for that. I have a similar plan to keep the phone as long as possible. If I am at home I use my iPad and computer rather than my phone so I think it will be ideal.

Like all tangible electronic goods, the battery will go through wear & tear deteriorating as time & usage progress. That’s just how humans treat their physical goods. Batteries in your iPad and computer will degrade as well but not as fast as an iPhone.

Anyhow, the iPhone SE 2020 is a good phone. From what I’ve read about rumors on future iPhones, the 2022 iPhone SE will have 5G capabilities but we’ll see.

Best of Luck!

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I have the SE 64 gb. It works good.

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@Gollum I also have a two charging cables which are Lightning to USB-A from Amazon. One 10-foot and the other 6-foot, both of which plug into 2 separate power bricks. There are some features on the iPhone SE 2020 that you cannot do on an iPad or computer.

If I am at home, I will talk on WhatsApp or use cellular voice with the 10-foot Lightning cable plugged in while sitting on the couch. It’s just some peace of mind where I don’t have to worry about the battery draining while talking for a long time on the phone.

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I got rid of my SE because the battery life on my phone was horrible.

I purchased the iPhone 11 instead.
Much better battery life now.

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I’m pretty sick of apple devices at this point. Got an LG g8 thinq and it has been working amazingly with no slow down for 18 months now.


I have the LG v60 thin Q and love it. :shark::shark::shark:


I’ve had my iPhone 11 pro for 18 months and I can honestly say no crashes or problems. Still has a fantastic charge. Battery lasts all day with more than moderate usage.


Now I’m thinking to put up with my 7 and make sure to charge it every night. I have a new job where for lunch I like to sit in my car and listen to music. Bit anti social but it gives me half an hour to recharge social battery :grinning:

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