Anyone had voices that make them feel very self-conscious?

My voices make me feel very self-conscious, I tense up and my breathing starts to rapidly increase. I end up lying in bed, curled up, waiting for them to stop.
Anyone got any coping mechanisms?


My voices bothered me until I stopped treating them as if they were real or to be taken seriously. Now they’re just annoying background noise like bad elevator music. Just mentally sweep them aside and get on with your day.


Hi and welcome, I hope you have an enjoyable experience upon this platform,some tips I use for the very same problem as you have at night would be to use headphones at night and play relaxing music or something groovy, taking herbal sleeping drops just before bed time.
Humming to myself in order to change the course of topics the ‘voices’ may choose to involve you in. Leaving the tele on a timer to block out the experience’s, and sleeping away from the bedroom wall, and not on a coil spring mattress.


welcome to the forum
i have command voices the are very mean and hard to control
i try sleep or playing with my dogs finding a good show on tv and of course coming here

Most of the voices ive had in the past were extremely calming and seemed benevolent for some reason. With the exception of a couple of cases. But i dont hear them any more since improving my mh with meds and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. And abstaining from street drugs as much as i can.

I experience the same physiological reactions as you do! It is not fun at all. No one has any idea the types of suffering I go through on a continuous basis. Please know you are not alone! :blossom:

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