Anyone had the fear of dying?

Idk if I am physically healthy or not still… but my anxiety around my sedentary, which lasts for 15 years now, pops up now… I am trying to lower the klonopin, idk if I’ll be able to stop it…
Yeah, I am worried that I am dying from sedentary now,from lack of oxygen etc… I have my cigarettes too, I smoke yeap…
My blood tests were OK though… but idk if the blood can speak about an eventual death…
Who else had the same worry in his sz? I hope you are better now on that? :thinking:
Idk if it’s a good idea to stop my klonopin now. Is it better to stop it once I have a better life or it’s still a good thing to get rid of it in isolation and loneliness?
Yeah… I should have thought earlier probably but it’s done now…

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I worry about being left alone and not being able to handle matters. But, I think a certain amount of fear of dying is normal. It just means we’re not ready for it.

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Do you think though, that I can die now? Or it’s my anxiety? The sedentary can lead to death sometimes I think, no?..
■■■■, it’s hard… off the klonopin and now this… maybe it’s the withdrawal…

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I am not afraid of death anymore.

I am afraid, aziz… after all my efforts , you know… I almost never kissed a man while enjoying it lol…

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I’m not afraid of being dead. There’s nothing there, you won’t exist anymore so you won’t have any chance to worry.

However, i do feel sad about the idea of leaving behind my loved ones. I don’t want to die for that reason alone.

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I hope that my consciousness lives forever, i’m scared of dying too.

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I am not suicidal but death will end my sz and suffering. I will let it come naturally though.

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I am going to lose weight because overweight people are more at risk to die if they get COVID.

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I broke your ears though, yeah… My benadryl calmed me now, strange med lol…
Can you go so low as I did it and get above it? Idk it… :pensive: maybe I had my sins, idk anymore…
Living with a dad, who was beating till death? Idk if this marked me… was I a psycho once? Idk it either…
What else? Well, the love, you know… I never had it…I don’t find myself lovable either, no one didn’t want me till now… they say it’s cause I isolate, yeah…
Today it was hard though to be so “awake”, I am not sure this is normal? :roll_eyes:

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Keep your docs in loop. Get their help.
Don’t beat yourself up. Sins? Really?
Can’t think of a person who had never struggled with mental illnesses went on becoming immortal.

Don’t cold turkey it.

I am afraid of death. Other times I am not. Sometimes fear catches us by surprise. That’s when it is unsettling.

Just few days ago I had replied to thread saying I am feeling real good. Had to make a call yesterday. Anxiety and anger caught me off guard. Didn’t make call. It ruined my day.


I admit to not being ready, but it will come for me sooner rather than later. That’s all there is for it.

I am honestly not afraid of death. Ive seen it plenty when i was care assisting - so its sort of taken the fear out of it. Ive got my own beliefs of where i will goto too.

I would say stop being afraid of dying - and live your life and enjoy it.


I’m afraid of a brutal death but not of dying in my sleep.

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I’m so afraid of chronic disease.

But ofcourse,

Joy is immense acceptance.

I don’t think about it often. The past couple of nights right before I fall asleep, I’ve been worrying about not waking up.

I am only afraid of the moments / time prior to dying.

Natural death in my sleep or unconcious, shooting, car accident, hospital euthanasia is fine,