Anyone got sleep apnea or snooring problem?

İ think i have.anyone else ?what s your treatment for this problem

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No one got any these problems?

I think i have sleep apnea…
I am completely tired in the morning when I wake up.
My father has sleep apnea…

I have mild sleep apnea. I tried a mask but its gave me panic attacks so I quit using it. I do snore a bit.

According to my brother I snored when we used to sleep in the same room. He even filmed me snoring to make me hear it lmao

Mrs. Squirrel, but she won’t see a doctor about it. She sounds like a buzz saw when she sleeps on her right side, which she favours. I’m sleeping in my easy chair downstairs a lot these days. I think we’re reaching that age where separate beds could be a thing.

My cousin and her husband has separate bedrooms on opposite sides of the house - it’s the only way she can get some sleep.

I’ve been told I snore. Even when I’m napping and don’t feel like I managed to fall asleep, my snoring has been proof that I did.

I started to snore after gaining a lot of weight. I snore less now because I lost some weight. However, my weight is increasing again so am back to snoring loudly again.

I snoore way loud, dont have apnea but bad bones in nose area… i was punched too many times in face when i was little.

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LS! About nine years ago I started to sleep all the time. I was obese and slept more than 18 hours a day. My GP did not listen to my complaints and I took another GP. I was examined in a hospital and I had severe apnea. They gave me an apnea machine ( a Philips Dream Station) with a mask which I had to wear during my sleep. Ever since then I have no more apnea problems. I still have apnea but this machine takes care of it.

I got diagnosed with sleep apnea a couple years back. Incidentally, after I started wearing my c-pap mask every night, I stopped having psychotic symptoms. My diagnosis has now been changed to reflect that my psychotic symptoms were a result of chronic sleep deprivation, rather than schizophrenia.

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