Anyone got rid of the voices

Anyone got rid of their voices? If so how old were you and what did you do to get rid of them?

I’ve got rid of internal voices 3 times but every time I do I still have paranoia of being telepathic and experience some external voices or fear that people I’m talking to in person can hear my thoughts.

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My old doctor said she gave me adderall so that’s how I must have got the symptoms you mentioned. I must have total amnesia because I never took the stuff.

I still have them but removing soda, energy drinks, and cigs seem to help.

Didn’t really answer your question. :sunglasses:

I’m convinced I’m in a computer so if something or someone wanted to control me or make me hear voices they could.

Rid of the internal but not the external disembodied ones.

Nope, still hear occasional voices. But not for long, I’m still capable of ignoring them till they stop. But doing well for the most part, only notice them when I’m really stressed out.

I haven’t had any symptoms since starting Clozaril. I’m also on Latuda and Geodon and receive ECT. I’m pretty treatment resistant. It feels weird to not have the demon anymore or the delusions. In a way I kind of miss it. :sun_with_face:

ECT sounds interesting…someday.

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It saved my life. It made the psychosis go away. It was weird to wake up after the treatment and it was quiet. :sun_with_face:


Did you recieved anaethetics before ect ??

Yes. You’re asleep during the treatment. It does effect your memory and I have a killer headache after but it’s worth it. :sun_with_face:

Honesty, I’ve been on a collection of diffferen meds for 20 years…the como I am on now, actually makes the voices stop unless feeling like I’m coming unglued because of the way my life has turned out. It is so frickin weird to have silence. Those voices saying if you eat that you’ll look like your dad, go ahead kill yourseldpf…slit those wrists slit those wrists etc. but now97% of time just suffer mania as in the constantly must be busy or feel down and depressed type but yet some days am so frustrated I “go on strike”. It’s somscary like right now I’m typing on my iPad in our den, and it’s just me not a bunch of cruel annoying voices. They kept me company and was so engrossed in my illness, I now am getting used to the silence. But still sometimes start up and super cruel. My creative side is gone now too. I just don’t have the creativity. GL and wouldn’t wish this illness on worst enemy…wait that’s me haha

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