Anyone got bad feet?

i dont mean smelly i mean like you cant walk properly on them or something?

i think this is a symptom of my sz :frowning:

LOL are you serious? If you’re having problems with your feet see a podiatrist not a psychiatrist.

it serious :frowning: does anybody else get this?

its not like i dont have sz

See a podiatrist. Only thing that might be related to sz with walking would be side effects from meds. In which case still talk to a podiatrist first so you know it’s not something else.

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i think its psychological :frowning:

Why do you think that?

idk, just think it is, i think if i was in the right mind i would not care about my feet/ankles

they would get better



whats that?


yea, maybe :see_no_evil: :frowning:

I have a high instep and flat feet. It is not mental health related.

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I’ve heard if the toe next to your big toe is longer than your big toe, that it’s a sign of higher intelligence.

Just sayin…

Just dug this fun information up about your toes…

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idk what to do @firemonkey :frowning:

it is killing me :frowning: idk what to do

I have two left feet. Seriously. When I was younger I’d always end up walking in circles because its just how my feet worked. They used to call me “loopy”.

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What is wrong with your feet? In what way can’t you walk properly on them?

i just know i’m not walking on them properly, i think it is a posture thing :frowning:

i’ve known it for a long time now and now my health is starting to get really bad and i am worried i might not be able to complete college :frowning:

This sounds like paranoia. I’d see a professional as dreamscape suggested. I really doubt any one on here knows much about all this.

I mean I just walk and trust that I’m doing it right.

I definitely do that at times. I wonder if I could see a physical therapist who could retrain me to walk correctly. I also don’t seem to breathe correctly a lot of the time, also a posture thing.

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