Anyone got a video doorbell?

Being able to have that is really helping my symptoms about whether or not people are coming inside lol! Plus I’m on ■■■■■■■ amazing seroquel and klonopin turns out I have been struggling because I have schizoaffective disorder

We have a Ring doorbell. It helped catch an Amazon package thief, police knew who she was on sight. The dip didn’t care that she was on video. (Meth head.)

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Mine came with tape, do you think it’s pointless to put it out if I don’t drill it in? Installing the doorbell the screws are a little hard to manuvuer because the bottom screw I so small. It will definitely fall into the grass

No idea. I paid an electrician $75 to install ours.

We got a couple.

I hate cameras everywhere, I hate being on camera. The future will suck.

I had some insurance scammers racing in front of me and jamming on their brakes to try and cause a wreck (rear-ending someone is an automatic at fault). Fortunately, I saw them behaving in a dodgy manner and pumped my brakes hard as soon as they were passing me as I figured them for cutting in too soon. They tried a couple of times and realized they couldn’t get me, raced off. The cops were quite happy to receive my dashcam video.

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I got 3 camera’s outside, One recorded a guy trying to steal my truck. police requested the video

I have them inside and out, you get used to them and the fear goes away


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