Anyone got a synthesiser?

Just asking, i was thinking about getting one but idk, its hard to know if i will use it enough.

I have a Yamaha YPG keyboard that has semi weighted keys and USB midi. It’s not exactly a synth but works pretty well as a MIDI controller for VSTs

It’s pretty bulky so most of the time I put it away under our bed and use a mini USB keyboard with my PC laptop.

I once had a low end Casio CZ101 that was fun to tweak. I should have kept it because I guess they go for about $600 now on eBay. I would love to have DX7 to fiddle around with but really don’t have the space and don’t have money for a Reface.

I have quite a few free VSTs and I use Asio4all with Reaper which cuts down on the latency issues a lot.

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I’m thinking about getting a minifreak or a moog, they look like a lot of fun

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I bought a synth when I was 23. I was smoking alot and lost some touch with reality. I never made much music with it and ended up trying to drive to Oregon from the east coast.

I don’t know it was a cool thing to have. It was an Alesis synth.

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I am obsessed. Gotta bunch of soft synths and 1 hardware synth. I have all the soft synth I would ever need so I’m done with that, but want more hardware synths. There’s spacial limitations to how many I could get, so it shouldn’t be too expensive over time

This is my microbrute


nice one, i have a proper professional touring keyboard but i dont use it, i could hook it up to a soft synth very easy as i have the midi cable with interface but i tried to learn how to play but lost confidence and stopped trying, i feel like i need to learn how to play before i start using it as a synth,

do any of you guys play keyboard? i wish i could play but lack confidence, do i need to know how to play to use it as a synth properly?

I have sylenth1 software synth


I just downloaded helm, it looks simple and its free until i decide to donate (if i use it enough) looks like a very nice simple soft synth to practice on a little, I’m thinking about moving some stuff around and setting up my keyboard, i’d also like a nice a nice comfy chair that swivels.

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I had a couple analog synths for a while (a Roland Planet S and a Cocoquantus) but eventually i realized that Max/MSP can do anything a hard synth can do and more.

I just focus on granular stuff these days, it’s much more fun and profitable than traditional forms of synthesis. The last frontier of sound.

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I’ve been checking out some nice beginner synths and the Moog 25 looks awesome but i have a great keyboard that cosy me £500 a few years ago i would love to use it,

I wish i had some way of controlling the knobs on the plugins though, i wish i could map my akai midimix to it lol

idk this term lol i’m still a newb really haha

Imagine you take an audio track and slice it into hundreds or thousands of tiny fragments, each less than a second long, as short as a millisecond, and manipulate those fragments in a way that creates new sounds. Like looping them or jumbling them. Max/MSP and other programs have tools that allow this to be automated to very interesting effect.

Here are a couple examples of the kinds of sounds that granular synthesis allows:

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Here’s a more recent example of its current capabilities (sorry if im spamming)

hmmm, i am trying to visualise where i would use sounds like that, the sounds seem very dark and grissly :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I just looked up mapping my midi device and it looks like ableton may have a feature for mapping it

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Hap you can totally map your midi knobs to ableton

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my workstation is really fkd up now :frowning: idk if i can use my keyboard bc of the size of it, i moved things around last night, looks like ■■■■ now :frowning: its all messed up

@velociraptor i was wondering if you had any knowledge about synths? i’m a beginner and i saw a couple i might like, the berhinger pro 1 seems a good price but i’m not sure, have you any knowledge about it?

Nothing useful I’m afraid.

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