Anyone good at math?

İ m studying for uni (geriatric care) and i m struggle to find good source for math (word problems) do any of you guys interested in math if so can you guys give me source for it

I’m not sure I understand what exactly is needed here.

Have you tried browsing youtube? There are plenty of good math channels covering anything you could think of.


I was about to say “Me! Pick me!” But then you went and mentioned word problems. Those things were the bane of my existence as a kid. Algebra and anything related to finance I can handle.


@Andrey when i search definition for type of problem i saw that definition at math and science channel and wikipedia.
Definition :a type of textbook exercise or exam question to have students apply abstract mathematical concepts to real-world situations

Example age problems worker problems

İ m studying on you tube but i just wonder if any of you guys know a good places specifically

Yes its quite hard thing to formalize the equations to real life situations.i m really struggle to formalize in my native realtively easy in english though.because my native language is not science friendly language

Well, if you have a specific problem you’d like solved, you may post it here, so we can have a go at it.

Three workers finish building a kennel in 3 hours.
How long would it take one worker to finish the same amount of work?
It’s obvious that he needs to work three times as much, so the answer is 3 x 3 hours = 9 hours.


You have a cylinder that is 4 meters tall and water is passing through it at a speed of 3mph.
What did I have for dinner last night?



Use khan academy. Its free and theres tons of word problems peprtaining to whatever math you are learning.