Anyone gonna try out SEP-363856 when it comes out?

Or maybe other medications that are currently not out?


I’m looking forward to reading reviews of it when it’s released.


my meds are working well… i don’t think i want to change anything now…

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I’d like to try new meds.

I’m not sure. It would be a big risk for me.

Too risky.
I don’t think I’ll be trying it.

I’d consider it. The issue is, I don’t see my insurance covering it, and I don’t see my pdoc prescribing a medication that’s that new. I still haven’t found a good med combo for myself and I’m currently trying a new one. Maybe further down the road I’d try it but for those reasons I don’t think I will when it comes out.

I’m ready to try something new so yeah I will be getting as I can

Yes as I have severe negative symptoms hopefully it helps them

Sep does help with negative symptoms according to phase ii data