Anyone gets easily agitated/agressive?

I used to get easily agitated when I was only on AP, now im on depakote and escitalopram that de-escalates my agression. Im ashamed and worried about what I done to some with my post diagnosis, how can I overcome of self shame? For example even now when I start playing with my dog a biting game i go too far sometimes and make him hurt a bit until he makes a noise.


you have to accept you made some mistakes but remember that they were caused by your illness.

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I guess its a reason we go to psych ward for years for commiting a horrible crime instead to a literal prison…

in many cases that’s a myth twofold.

there’s plenty of people with a condition in prison.
and also, most diagnosed don’t commit a serious crime.

idk, I had to say something.

I dont knoe any sz in prison, but i know plenty who are locked up on maximum security ward for 20years… legally mentally disabled and if you need medication cant be sent to prison

Thats still a confinement, depends how you look at it, but its still not classified as a prison even if you spend quarter of life in it

I get agitated states a lot. They suck! It feels like being head to toe full of adrenaline in a bad way. Also violent thoughts and images but not always.
The ap helps with it.

You need to practice self control. Cbt can help with controlling your aggression

I like to tell myself, it’s nobody’s fault. not even mine.

but sure seems like many are to blame. Remember, Lord Byron could destroy a room in 20 minutes.

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I do when off meds or when on low dose/non working meds.

I do as well. But I keep it contained. It’s always right there under the surface. I used to punch things when I was younger.

thats normal, i use get agitated and angry sometimes but now im medicated. Im better now. Im not angry and agitated as much. if you get that way punch a pillow, dont do it on human or a pet they have feelings okay.

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