Anyone Get That Nasty Cold Sore Virus?

I seem to get it about every 6 weeks or so. I’ve read that shaving, sunlight or stress can activate the virus.

I’ve got medication for it now which limits the ugly, blistery breakout…but I still can’t stand getting it. I believe it comes from a strain of herpes, but I have no idea how I contracted it.

Yeah is a form of herpes I think? It becomes dormant and comes back, especially when you are run down (or so I was told)

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I got a cold sore once,

Right before some important pictures, too.

I always thought I got the virus from making out with strangers.

It’s herpes.

In addition to the medication, Lysine (an amino acid supplement) helps.

Also may be good for sz.

I get it terrible. I hate it. I usually take acyclovir at the first sign to reduce the breakout but nothing stops it. L-Lysine never seemed to help me. I heard somewhere that the CDC estimates that 85% of the population has the virus in their system. Yuck.

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Long ago I used to get an outbreak, but it would only happen for a while after eating pineapple.

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