Anyone get improved concentration after quitting caffeine?

I would like to improve my concentration. I drink like 8 cups of tea a day. Was wondering if you think quitting this may improve my concentration?

Caffeine improves my concentration a bit.


I quit caffeine at the same time I went through a med change. My concentration is better now, but I think it’s more because of the med change.


Like a car needs fuel, I need coffee and nicotine.

My pdoc gave me the ‘speech’ about this, and I basically told him I am going to continue with these substances, as I have quit so many drugs - I think I deserve a free pass.

To be honest, I can have a coffee right before I go to bed and it doesn’t affect me at all.


i quit for a few months. I felt better when I had caffeine so I went back to it. I tried a couple times going on long break from it. The caffeine helped me more than going cold turkey on it.

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8 cups seems like a lot. You might want to try to experiment with cutting down and see if it makes a change in you. If you like drinking tea as passtime, you could substitute some of what you are drinking with coffeine-free herbal teas.

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Quitting caffeine did the opposite for me. Took me a while to get my edge back. I’m down to a latte or macchiato most days. Sometimes I’ll have two. Can’t have more because of irregular heartbeat. I switched out to caffeine free teas and I’l drink six or more cups per day.