Anyone get harassed to make mental illness worse?

I haven’t posted in a long time. Things disappear and then reappear, like I have an actual stalker just messing with me by invading my car and house. It’s usually things of little value. Like they will take a paper cup that was laying on the floor board and then it will show up again. Anyway, it’s lonely being schizophrenic because when things actually do happen, no one believes you.


i got harassed by a schizophrenic once, a woman asked me if i had any spare change, i told her i only use debit so no i don’t have change, then she lectured me on how i was going to hell and what would happen to me there, how many years i would be in hell, then i walked away and she walked right behind me, stepping on my ankles amd screaming.

about your other comment, i got robbed of a penny once, i rubbed it with my thumbs with forehead sweat until it turned into an aluminum color then i hid it, went to the store and came back and it was gone!

Can’t get space anywhere. People are too sensitive, or aware, or tuned in, or too alert or instinctive or whatever you want to call it.
When I want to be alone in my room I don’t want anyone reacting to every blink of my eye or every thought before I actually think it. But you can’t take the animal out of people who are trying to survive.

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Thanks for replying. I know some things really happen, and I also know that some of it is delusional or me misplacing things.

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me too, there is a low functioning schizophrenic trans that is always out of the hospital asking for money and cigarettes.

Gotta go try to find missing items by cleaning my house. Been so depressed, yet trying to keep working, that the place is almost a Hoarder’s episode. Just felt those thoughts of worthlessness and futility and reached out. I will come back later and tell you if I found the latest batch of missing things and explain more.

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I feel bloody guilty reading that post. Cos when i was un-medicated i would be the arse hole banging on nieghbours doors asking for money and i used to harass people accusing them of things. I know you bear it in mind when you experience this. But the she is /was bloody unwell.

Now im well - I have the insight and undertstanding of what i nightmare i was. Sorry to derail the topic. That post just got to me. I hope that poor woman you met got the treatment she needed.

There was this girl who camped out outside my door and constantly ran me down when I was on a coed floor. It was a mistake for me to ask to be put on the coed floor.

Last winter, before my AP began to work, I had the experience of things happening spontaneously, like a coin falling out of my pocket and making a very loud ping on the floor. Things got away from me for the reasons you suggest. Now, objects are always where I left them. Good luck to you.

Well the truth is there are those who would take adantage of the MI.

I did find some missing things when cleaning, except for one of my belts. I could not find it where it hangs on a hook and chose another to wear. I left the house to run errands. When I came back, the missing belt was hanging where I usually keep it. The next day I came home from work and my mattress had been pulled over so it hung about 6 inches overhanging the box springs. The belt incident has happened before, disappearing and then reappearing. The mattress was a new incident. Usually it’s the couch cushions that are pulled forward. I wonder if I am a targeted individual. I am taking my APs. I know I have a mental illness, but these other incidents really happen. Thanks for listening. I know there is no solution. Except maybe try home security measures? But I feel they would be circumvented by evil geniuses. I just let go and let God.

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