Anyone gain remission thru risperdal or risperdal consta?

I’m just starting my journey 2mg oral. Shot appointment on monday the 9th. I feel I’m going to commit suicide if I dont find relief soon… I’m tired of bouncing around meds… tried almost ever ap 2nd gen with no relief

I’ve achieved remission with 37.5 mg Risperdal Consta plus Geodon and Seroquel. Good luck.

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Zyprexa and Abilify didn’t help me.
I am stable on Latuda 80mg now.
I am thinking about trying Risperdal+Sarcosine for negative and cognitive symptoms.
I hope it controls my positive symptoms just like Latuda…

Ask your pdoc about polypharmacy or taking multiple AP’s or even older AP’s. Don’t give up!

Did your try Clozapine? Its one of the strongest antipsychotics.

Im on Invega 75mg, managed to start working again and actually finished my studies. Be warned about insomnia, massive weight gain and lowered sexual function.

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Did you get nightmares on risperdal?

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I did on oral Risperdal. Not the shots.

Wow that gives me hope!!