Anyone from Chicago?

I’m about to visit over there and I was wanting to learn what I could about the town beforehand.

What areas are worth visiting and which ones should be avoided is mainly what I’m after.

I’ll be visiting with family and spending a lot of time down town, but later on I kind of want to branch out and get a feel for the surrounding area. Lot’s of suburbs. To many to explore in one go. Needing some guidance.

I’ve been to Chicago a few times. As I’m sure you’re quite aware, just stay away from the south side. One of the most violent areas in all the us.

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What are you looking for? My family’s North Side, so my recs would be in that vein. Had a friend from Riverside, which is apparently still lit by gaslights? Never been myself.

I suspect the things I like might not be the same as the things you like :smile_cat:

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Well… I don’t really know. The mess of downtown can be a chore… it’s more like looking for the town I live in now but with the rest of chicago built around it

Chicago is where Mortal Kombat video games were created. I wonder if it has a section in the museum


Chicagoan from cake town.
Danger zones: Englewood,Chicago heights,Sauk village,dolton,Harvey,some of uptown ,east Chicago,anywhere close to the low end. Logan square is a hot zone, Hyde park is somewhat hot.south side. Mainly don’t walk around at night with a iPhone. Be cautious on the trains especially the red line. And bring a gun…if you plan on living safe.


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