Anyone find it hard to notice changes in symptoms?

Like switching meds or upping or lowing doses. Or even changes in diet. I find it hard to see changes in symptoms. Its like theyre bad sometimes and fine other times with or without diet changes or med changes. Like if i start a new med its hard for me to explain to my psych if its working or not. I guess what im doing is working since i haven’t had any sizeable episodes for a while but its still hard to notice changes with different chemicals.

Ive noticed major shifts between meds. I see a difference in alcohol and nicotine consumption. I notuced a difference on sarcosine too. You can try that

i am symptom free 5 years, doctor calls it remission

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I never know about how my illness changes as it seems to happen very slowly
I make sure I think about my symptoms at least during a week before I visit my psychiatrist

Kate xxx