Anyone feel they are destined to be poor?

Due to personality, diagnosis, circumstance or otherwise?


don’t worry @Diana_ross7 the way the world is headed I wouldn’t worry
about poverty.Everything will be fine.


Born in the wrong country. :crazy_face:

I could be a citizen of a wealthier neighboring country if my parents did not rush back to their home country before giving birth.

you’re only poor if you spend money on luxury items

If only… 15151515151

Yes, I feel destined to be poor because I’ve been in the welfare system my whole life. I have made attempts pre-illness to work and become a working member of society, which was semi-successful but then I got sick. Also, I have treatment resistant SZ which has gotten in the way of any kind of work I’ve tried.

when I am well, I work and do nice things and afford nice things. 2 years ago I was ill and could not do much other than sleep. Things change.