Anyone feel paralyzed by their thoughtsor delusions or hallucinations?

This is how I’m feeling at the moment can’t manage anything.

I feel paralyzed by the past and everything I went through. It plays in my head over and over everyday, like I’m stuck at a theater that just shows highlights of the worst parts of my life over and over until I forget there was anything else.


Sorry you feel like this, I get days I have to just shut down, can’t take it anymore. Sleep is the only thing I can do, similar though it shuts you down socially, don’t want to go anywhere, the odd time I’ve tried just hate it and have to come home.

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I get this scary feeling like it feels like I’m getting another heavy load of brain damage. And the fear it just freezes me. I don’t think of screaming, running, hiding. I’m just frozen and feel like I’m just floating. Frozen in confusion.

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I can totally relate to this. Time and meds pulled me out of that rut. Will never give up my meds . I get pulled back into it if I quit. We’ve been through a lot and it’s hard to let go of the memories.

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Being in hospital can be a rough time. It’s when you start to get better though.

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This is why I hate horror movies. The paralyzed feeling really sticks with you. If I even get suspicious that I’m having a relapse a cold chill washes over me.

same here mate :slight_smile: :frowning:

sometimes I’m having an average day, but then I see something or hear something that triggers me. I become paralyzed.

so I then immediately start to think of logical and positive thoughts. And if the positive and logical thoughts aren’t strong enough, my day gets bad and motionless.