Anyone feel like they are doing really well with medications

I found a great combo for me, but maybe my symptoms were more tolerable. My voices were mostly people I knew and circumstances I could understand.

Anyway I take 10 mg abiify and 5 mg loxapine.

I work almost full time and am looking at going back to school.

School scares me though because when I get stuck I quit trying and lay on the couch.

I don’t socialize much though, any tips for getting more out and about.



That’s great that you found something that worked for you! Abilify doesn’t have many side effects either. I just started Strattera and I have a feeling it will help with depression and focusing. I’ve taken it before, but this time I’m on 25 mgs so it’s a lower dose. It made me almost euphoric on 60 mgs.


i usually just suffer through every day, constant headaches at night, could be eye strain, but im used to pain…i dont want to rely on meds but i am taking a few…

I’m on a seroquel/latuda combo with a xanax chaser… I’ve been doing better then I have in years.


A little of my socializing is done in my apartment. I try to make the experience positive for my visitors through various strategies. I keep the place somewhat clean and clutter free, for example. Also, I keep on hand things my visitors might like. For example, one friend likes raw sugar in her coffee and another one likes artificial sweeteners. Therefore, I stock both of those.


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I tried a medication lately, it left me with a lot of bad side effects, I don’t want medications any more, I can handle this like I did before…

Im on a magical regiment of Geodon (60mg) and xanax (1mg) twice a day as well as a beta-blocker, propanalol (80mg, once a day)

This semester, I went to class, made a 3.96 and dated a girl, had my first kiss. I also put on 13lbs of muscle. I can deadlift 455 and bench 240 now. Meds have turned my life right around…i just wish it was this easy for everyone else.

six months ago I was a raging alcoholic who was either in the gym lifting, practicing boxing in my backyard or drunk. When i ran out of liquor and my friends of legal age or with fake id’s werent around, I would drink vanilla extract, as its actually 40% alcohol by volume and does the job.


LOl. I used to keep boxes of cookies and crackers on hand in case I had a visitor but I always ended up eating the whole box myself in a few days.

I am on seroquel 150mg paliperidone 3mg and bitopertin 10mg. They all do great things for me. The only real side effect is I sleep a lot. The bitopertin has been awesome. I call them my happy pills.

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Lithium and Seroquel. No visuals, auditory hallucinations. My surroundings appear clear. Sometimes I get too internal and built up with prejudice, perhaps that is a delusion.

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Yeah but I find it really hard to accept the fact that it is the medications that is keeping me well.