Anyone fancy a chat?

Its usually high 80s to low 100s in the summers here.

I always forget you’re on the west coast. I always think you’re in Seattle for some reason lol.

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Is it like on the movies, everyone happy :grin:?
I have that image in my brain for California.

My first cup of coffee is down, I’m drinking the second. I started smoking cigarettes this year and I’m not a proud of that. But somehow I must calm myself and I do that with cigarettes.

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Is Macedonia a nice place to live?

I’m very ignorant of that part of the world.

I used to smoke a lot of cigarettes, but I switched to vaping.

Most of people want to live here because we have always have partying, drinking, dancing. But that isn’t in mine case. Here is very dirty. And the salary and work place are so bad.

Oh I see. I’m sorry to hear that.

I live in America. My city is mostly nice in spite of the occasional troubles.

Cuz i act like a hipster? Lol. SF’s close to Seattle

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I like California, very liberal, socially.

Well when I was small kid I always dream about to live in France or Italy. But reality is something else. I can’t afford it.

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