Anyone fancy a chat?

I’m A+ too. Didn’t know about sweet potatoes and cabbage

I’m not 100%, no. I’ve never asked anyone.
But my dad is A+ and my mother is either A+ or AB+, I forget which one

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Yep, then you may be eatin wrong for your blood type. It could be causing you to not feel well. Causing digestion issues and fatigue. Or whatever I’m not sure.

Judging by a quick google session, it does seem like a type O diet fits my natural cravings more

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Hi kiddos! I’m awake. Just drinking coffee and watching late night TV.

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Me to, Hello---------

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Hello! I’m watching MeTv, the Twilight Zone is going to be on soon. :slight_smile:

What channel are you watching?

Hockey playoffs

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I used to whatch the twighlight zone about 35 years ago

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I’m out of coffee. Started chapter 1 of my book. Seems boring.

Oh right on. Hockey is a pretty cool sport.

Yeah I’m a pretty big twilight zone fan. Love the work of Rod Serling.

A+ can eat sardines, salmon, Turkey,

What book are you reading? I need to get back into reading.

No. I started writing my memoir with schizophrenia, but I don’t really think I can write.

Oh that’s awesome. :+1: Good luck with writing your book.

Hi and I’m awake. Have my coffee., so peaceful is here.

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What country are you?

Macedonia, and you, most of you?

The states. California.

Sunny. There is so hot isn’t it?

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