Anyone experienced seizures on risperdal or invega sustenna?

Not sure if I had absence seizure or what but it was terrifying

A good question . Even before I was on Consta, monthly Paliperidone and now 3 monthly I’ve wondered about absence seizures. I think I can zone out when really engrossed in something , and there are times when more minutes have passed than I would have expected .

I’ve been injectable invega for 8 years. I take wellbutrin also which can increase the threshold for having seizures, I have never had a seizure ever before in my life. I hope I don’t experience any ever for as long as I’m medicated.

Why are you taking Wellbutrin?
I took it for 1 month and stopped it because it didn’t help negative and cognitive symptoms; it also made me sleep all day.

I take wellbutrin because it can help with ED and it also gives me a little boost in controlling my depression. It’s one of the very few drugs I would continue taking even if I had the choice because I feel that it is much less harmful than anti depressants and AP’s. If I ever wanted to quit it by choice I could do it with ease. It doesn’t create a strong chemical dependence like anti depressants and AP’s do long after quitting them.

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I took Invega sustenna for a while. Gave me restless legs, but never a seizure.

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@Solidus You said you have been on invega for eight years. I have been on it for four years. Do you have high cholesterol. I am wondering because I do, and am thinking of switching meds.

Is your weight BMI healthy and you’re eating healthy?

I am trying to eat more fruits and veggies but My bmi is around 35 obese.

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Do you exercise?

My doctor just started me on exercising. She said to try to walk for atleast 20 min 5 times a week.

In addition to diet and exercise, you can eaither eat high fiber food like oats or take Metamucil Fiber supplement, they reduce cholesterol. If your cholesterol is really high you need anticholesterol meds.

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I have had high cholesterol on all my 5 antipsychotics, it was high before sz and meds too. Now with Metamucil fiber, dieting skipping breakfast and lowest dose anticholesterol meds, my cholesterol levels went down too much, its close to be under the lower limit.

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Wow. Thank you for sharing that. Ill have to favorite this one to try these tips.

Also I don’t eat eggs and bacon anymore, they have too much cholesterol and saturated and trans fat, all those raises cholesterol.

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Okay thank you. Maybe I won’t have to switch medications then.

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