Anyone ever sat 10hrs in a plane?

i was just wondering if anyone had any tips for me bc i will have to sit for ten hrs on a plane going and coming back, so if anyone has any tips for me i would really appreciate it.

I went from cali to germany…sleeping pills and pray for decent company…

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I’ve done like eight hours

Does your plane have wifi,??? Delta does so you can browse the whole time

But that’s rare for a fleet so far these days

I remember virgin Atlantic being pretty sweet, if that’s what you’re flying

They have tvs in most planes these days too

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I did when I was in like 5th grade, I went to Hawaii. i was little and kept myself fairly occupied. most the flight was night time so I slept a lot though. pretty sure mine was 10 hours as well :blush:

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You could get anxiety tablets

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i wish i could sleep through it but i can never get comfy

i take anxiety meds already, i don’t think i’ll freak out or anything so no worries there. my biggest worry is that my bum will get sore on the seat.

Make sure you keep your legs moving a bit under the seat and get up for little walks up and down the aisle to avoid DVT.

I’ve never gone that long on a plane.

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See your doctor, get a muscle relaxer for the tight space and an ambien for sleep. I used to fly back and forth from Japan to the US all the time. That’s what I did.

i’ve gone 8 hrs on a plane to florida but it was hard and the thought of another 2 hrs is very worrying, when we went we were premium class as well. but we are economy now.

Just keep thinking about the destination and how much fun you are going to have! I think you will be ok. Bring something to read and try to get some sleeping pills before you go in case it all gets too much, you can just sleep it off.

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Do you smoke? Find out if you can bring nicotine gum. Also make sure you’ll be allowed to bring your meds, or what you need to be able to bring your meds. Otherwise you’ll be on the next plane back.

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i’ve always just brought meds on with my hand luggage and no-one has ever said anything,

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I did. Stretch your legs, don’t take off your shoes

why not take off my shoes?

it’s good if you have someone you can chat with to pass the time. judy

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thanks Judy, hope you are well x my friend will be sitting a couple of seats down and i think there is a child between us so hoping its not going to be too noisy, idk if i’ll get talking to anyone, i thought people keep to themselves on planes anyway :confused: idk

the child might start to cry but a child is a child.

if you talk quietly and don’t disturb others they should allow talking on your flight.

good luck, daydreamer. have a safe flight.

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if you can change the flight time to night, you can just take your meds and sleep thru
That’s what I do usually or read, drink, eat, sleep, watch movies and listen to music. you can also write something.

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