Anyone ever have a microdiscectomy?

I had one on my L5,S1 in May and now after I stand all day, at work, by the end of shift it feels like my lower back is going to crack apart. I have to walk real stiff…

I have arthritis in my back. My back is stiff too.

I never had issues before in lower back until now…ugh body problems.

Poor thing! It’s the hell of pain. :((
Have you got like a set of exercises for your back?

That will probably be what they recommend.
Why are you up?

Wait until you get old. Most people take their health for granted until something goes wrong.

Yup. Between the sz and back. I got humbled the ■■■■ out of me.

It really helps. Its like stretching that part, you can even do it at work.

It’s morning here honey.

You early little bird!!! It’s 1:28AM here honey
I’m trying to sleep, but I got soap in my pee hole and its stinging.

With some back injuries, stretching may not be good. I stretched my back and it caused bad pain. I’m going in to see a physical therapist.

Yeah i have to learn for my exam. Not funny with a resonance of last night in the brain.

And now when i know that you suffer it gets even harder. :cry:

I’m sure they will have me do that.

I am so confused by this. What happened last night?

Yeah he has to see a professional definitely.
I did all kind of ■■■■. Magic mug, exercises, even electric stimulations.that was nice :blush: ( not sure how you people call it lol)

Yeah, he needs to see a doctor.

Electrotherapy. Great stuff.

Are you fixed now?

Yep. Like a new.

(Fixed means just fixed right?)

I think so. You responded correctly.

Good luck on your exam. I let you study now. I’m going to sleep. I will talk to you again when it’s your night time, I’m sure.

You mean like a cat? Its officially called a hysterichtomy.