Anyone ever get bad vibes from a specific room in their house?

Regulars here will know I am a bit of a hypochondriac. Well earlier today I was in the livingroom. Was feeling pretty good. Had a sandwich.

I then went into the bedroom to listen to music. Pretty soon I felt very sick. I assumed it was the sandwich.

After a while I went back into the livingroom and felt good again. Watched some sports and had a good time.

Anyway 20 minutes ago I came to lie down again in the bedroom. Within a couple of minutes I was feeling sick again then it dawned on me - I am scared by my bedroom and these feelings of nausea are symptoms of anxiety.

My mum won’t set foot in my flat. She says she gets bad vibes. My sister dog feels the same way too. Man I am getting pretty freaked out now


There’s studies that show that bad vibes are often due to electromagnetic “leaks”. This can come from some light fixtures and more. Let me find some I found on it for you.

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Are you serios?

I read an article on it, but I just read a handful of others that disprove that theory. Seems I was far behind on it.

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I’ve gotten bad vibes from several places I’ve lived.

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Typed lie down after eating nausea into google and got: when youu lie flat, gastric juices may rise and increase feelings of nausea and overall discomfort , especially


I get bad vibes from certain ppl.

I got bad vibes from this thread. I live in a studio apartment. I’ve nowhere to hide. And if I had a guest over I’d have to say “excuse the bed.”

I used to get bad vibes from the back part of our house. There was a sliding door that opened up to the hallway, where the bedrooms were. I got over that one when I got older. But there was this bottle opener out in our garage that the people who lived there previously left behind. Man, that thing really creeped me out. It was made in the shape of a joker’s head, with four eyes instead of two. It’s mouth was where you were supposed to insert the bottle. It was painted in light tan, like human flesh, and bright reds. Two giant front teeth, like a beaver’s front teeth, were what you were supposed to use to open your bottle. No one ever used it. I’m sure no one would have minded if I had gotten a screwdriver and taken it down, but that thought never occurred to me. Somebody did take it down eventually, maybe my older brother.

I get bad vibes from windows, lightning sometimes.

Not in my new ones. Maybe back when I was out of it in the early years, but I attribute that to derealization.

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