Anyone ever did something horribly bad and felt a natural high?

I wonder why. What chemical is it . Not just bad but good too…but mostly the sky is always grey

Okay yeah I have.

I drank a bottle of my father’s scotch one night when I was 20 and got the craving to get high, so I went and smashed the window of my friend’s car but found the glove compartment locked which was maddening cause I knew he had some weed in there. This girl I’d gone out with happened to be sleeping in a car in the parking lot and I guess she saw me take off but I denied it to no end. It pretty much comes down to stuff like this, being an ■■■■■■■. I also smashed my friend’s first and favorite guitar over a girl.

Actually, there’s a ton of stuff I got a rush from but would rather stay quiet about, used to hangout with some punks who liked to wreck stuff.

Lol oh wow. Yea I remember taking my friends half blunt(I’m sober now) because he sold my amp( I actually stole that too) but he still pulled one. I went to his house and upped my sense of smell and common sense. I found it bailed. After I got lit I felt like I just killed someone or did something horrible. It was the same weed but with a guilty high feeling.

Yeah I still feel guilty about breaking that guys window.

At least we know we are still humans. Some people can kill a tree and be ok with it. I would get paranoid like…God is going to punish me

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