Anyone ever been through the whole “shall I sell my car and buy a camper van?” Dilemma

I’m loving camping this year.


aw good for you !! I just did a painting about camping…sold it already…love camping…


Expedition happiness on Netflix

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Yes. In January . And here is what happened.

I Was actually having surgery and needed a bigger vehicle for a couple months. Then. I found out about ‘van life.’ So I sold my Toyota Corolla and bought this van.

I imagine in the winter months I take some trips down south and hang out. But I think I’m not really supposed to be sleeping in a van if I have a bedroom.



I want to have a home AND an RV.

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I can neither deny nor confirm. I’m willing to say… what you think you think you know you think is think that you think you know.:joy: There is a lesson in there about me. You think, you think?

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