Anyone ever been in Intensive Psychiatric Care Units?

Here in Scotland there are two nurses to each patient. You have to be ill to get on that ward.

No, but I have been put on one-to-one in a regular acute care unit. I don’t know what they call it in Scotland, but one-to-one is what it’s called in the U.S. when they have a nurse within arm’s reach of you at all times. Even while I slept there was a nurse in a chair in the doorway to my room. That went on for a few days, an unusual length of time for one-to-one. That was after I admitted to a nurse that I had tried to attempt suicide in my room (room design thwarted my plan).

I take it you’ve been in an intensive unit? Have you ever been on anything like one-to-one?

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In fact I have never been in IPCU. Is kinda reserved for physically dangerous to themselves or others. Haven’t had one to one either but have seen that on the ward a few times. Like you say it is kinda for suicidal folk.

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Yeah I’ve been in a high dep ward. Sucked

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Thing is in the IPCU you were escorted by two nurses at all times except in the smoking room. As a result fights broke out all the time in the smoking room.

In fact even on the normal ward the smoking room was a bit wild.

Yes, too many times to count. I don’t even want to think about it. Horrible place.

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i’m glad i havent ever been on the ipcu ward, i’m not that dangerous.

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Apparently all the staff in the IPCU get special training in physical restraining.

That’s cool that they give you a smoking room. I’m sure some would disagree with me saying it’s cool. I haven’t seen one of those since my first stay in 2000. The hospital I stayed at twice in 2003 let patients go outside to smoke. Now, at the hospitals around me, you get to choose between the patch and the gum.


I’m so glad I’ve never had to be restrained. I was put in isolation once, during my last psychotic break, but I went willingly (had no real choice, they had me surrounded). They just gave me Haldol and Ativan and let me chill for a bit.

No the smoking rooms are a thing of the past now. Not even allowed to smoke on the grounds. Haven’t been in in years so don’t know what the arrangements are now. Like you say probably nrt.

i was able to smoke outside when i was hospitalised 2010 maybe its changed

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I’ve been restrained and in isolation before, not fun. Never took haldol before, but they loaded me up and I slept for days… I think, I don’t actually know

No. But I have been involuntarily committed for 3 days as a minor.

I was in a lax ward, lots of people in there for drugs. More like time-out sort of comfy medicated prison than anything else. We had a cage we were let out in to smoke, I wanted to spend all my time there, so did everyone else.

I liked the people I met in there. Lots of character and personality. Sort of miss it, actually. People in the normal life are no fun, there is no fun. Just a big rat race. I like to hang around this forum to see people who keep it real. It’s odd, actually, I started out on here like basically one of them, like going around college lifting weights, making straight A’s and ■■■■■■■ everyone in sight (everything too). Now I am like eh I am lucky to be alive after this ■■■■. Chilling and letting my med changes settle before going back into the storm that is the world.

Well, it is nice to be able to take a break and then go back. I just need to get my ■■■■ together. I used to have it so well, I was like a machine in undergrad, like unstoppable and people respected me because I was certified the best. Now I am like “Uh which way is the bathroom?” as I trip balls and wonder why I woke up and decided to become a nurse. I was pre-nursing and apparently read the readings pretty far, I dont remember making that decision or the reading. I am signed up to be pre-med. What the hell. Seriously. When I realized that I didnt even know what I was doing, I decided to listen to some advice and take some time off the hustle and bustle and steroidal-looking muscle.

I was really jacked, like a model. Now I am getting fat. I am still smart, I just don’t have anything to do with the smarts until I can at least be stable, remember what I am doing, and keep doing it.

Oh well. I guess I should have stayed in that ward a little longer. Just a little longer and it would have shown how ■■■■ cray I was.

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No, just the opposite. A hundred patients and a handful of nurses.

Interesting they had either a nurse or a cop by me at all times in the hospital. Nurse when they weren’t sure I was going to make it. Cop when it was clear that I was.

No, but I have been shot in the azz, put in shackles and locked in isolation before. It’s just so sad when I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. I was psychotic, ya know? Not a purposeful criminal. It was pretty sad. They left me in there for like 12 hours. All night. I hope I never experience that again.

They don’t use restraints in the uk. You just get jagged - a chemical kosh they call it.

Never been in IPCU but have been on 24 hr obs with 1 or 2 nurses following me everywhere. Worst part of it was not being able to use the bathroom in private lol.

I used to spend most of my time in the smoking room back in the day, it could be a bit wild but at least in was interesting!

I wonder if we may be talking about the same hospital… I know the one I was in was the last to have a smoking room for patients.

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