Anyone else with a schizophrenic voice?


I have the voice of an hebephrenic/disorganized schizophrenic, Mr Thoughtless, who controls me and makes me do silly grimaces, gestures, makes me speak nonsense, neologisms etc.
As my 2 anti anxiety meds started working, I am not anxious anymore, and he doesn’t show up frequently. But when I have anxiety that I don’t express or let it out, it fuels Mr Thoughtless.


What did you study in school?


I don’t have hebephrenia, but I do have catatonia which was helped by an antidepressant. So no I don’t have that voice


Psychology. 666999


Where’d you pick up all the philosophy?


Which philosophy?


Stuff like kant


I studied on my own. Greek philosophy, Indian philosophy, religions, mythology, German idealism, etc. Do you like this stuff?


I used to know more, I was really into philosophy. Really got into any rand and objectivism


I liked Wittgenstein. I haven’t read philosophy for years. Since my first negative symptoms appeared


I own a first edition, first printing of the tractatus


Really beautiful. Bravo


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