Anyone else whose meds ain’t helping?

My doc is being ridiculous because she doesn’t realize that there is other meds than abilify and clozapine

Abilify so far hasn’t done anything to my delusion and it has been over 4 months being on the shot…

What about Risperidone or Zyprexa?

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Idk about those. My doc will only approve me being on Clozapine or Abilify :confused:

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Expect to stay on the shot a while longer. Your options are limited when your doctor can’t trust you.

I will go off the shot when I get out of the ward

Apparently it is working because you’re aware it is a delusion

So, what are you hoping the meds will help you with then?

I’m aware yes but it hasn’t gone away
Also I knew it was a delusion before meds

Maybe complement the medication with some sessions of cbt. It might help.

Can you get access to cbt? Ask your pdoc maybe.

No I can’t get acccess to CBT

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Oh that sucks. Sorry.

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Quitting your meds will only land you back in the ward. I wouldn’t do that.

Since I have my Invega increase I’m very stable now. Clear minded with no intrusive thoughts and obsessions.


Great news @bobbilly !!!


Hey, I know it can be really frustrating trying to find meds that work for you. I know you’re young I think in other threads you said you were 15? I was either 14 or 15 when I had been diagnosed with general psychosis. When you develop psychosis at such a young age it can be difficult for pdocs to find the right balance of meds. Your brain is still developing and they dont want to give you anything that would hinder that development. There is also a whole buttload of hormones that your body is creating that can seriously mess up your mood and even decision making. All those hormones become a factor too. It took a little bit for my pdoc to finally find the right balance for me. So as much as it sucks just try to be patient. And I do know that it really really sucks.


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